SEIU Benefits

Every full-time SEIU employee is eligible for health care benefits 30 days after their date of hire.  Health insurance premiums are paid 100% by SEIU for both employee and eligible family members.

Coverage includes medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs. Medical coverage is provided through Cigna PPO, however, employees living permanently in DC, MD, VA and CA are able to elect HMO coverage though Kaiser in lieu of the PPO coverage though Cigna.

Dental coverage is provided by Delta Dental of PA, prescription coverage is provided by CVS/Caremark and vision coverage is provided by Cigna Vision.

Every employee will receive four identification cards: Cigna or Kaiser, Delta Dental, CVS/Caremark, and Cigna Vision.  Dependents receive only a Cigna or Kaiser card and use the card with the employees name on it for dental, vision and prescription services. 

Health care benefits terminate on the last day of the month in which the employee terminates employment.  Once coverage is terminated, employees received a COBRA letter which will permit the extension of benefits for up to 18 months with the employee paying their own health insurance premium.

If you have any questions regarding your health care benefits, please contact Barbara Zeiss at (202)730-7548 or at
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